PrivacyMeter is an independent security team focused on mobile application data security. Our privacy team continuously researches multi-platform applications and environment. We examine application data is not securely stored locally (at rest), operated in memory (in use), transferred over the network (in-transit), and available due to weak defense mechanisms. We do not break any applications and are not looking for common software vulnerabilities. Instead, we perform our tests by making an environment insecure. It helps us to identify weak chains in application to simulate situations when a particular application is not able to protect its data. In contrast to other companies, we are not looking for simple data leakages based only on data fit with in-app API methods that give full and non-transparent results but on the exact fit of the data item with a security level that shows the quality of data protection mechanisms implemented by developers. Also, we help developers make their application more secure and capable of protection customers data. All our results are on the home page and research & reports page to keep everyone secure and aware.